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I'm a spazz.

I write fanfiction, I'm a teenager who used to be a Wannabe!Goth kid who apparently has some bad Emo/Gamer Girl tendences. I love all things nerd and am currently wishing for a Link to my Zelda ('Cause I'm so lazy that even if I had mad magic powers I'd just sit in wait in a coma or some tower and wait for him to come rescue me). I actually had a livejournal that I made when I was like twelve that I don't remeber the account name too, but I looked like a preppy little b****h on it. Hope this one will be different.

Interests (26):

(attempting to) draw anime, adventure time, being an absolute 'tard, being lazy, csi: miami, escape the fate, fall out boy, falling in reverse, harry potter, james/bella, law and order: svu, let the right one in, my chemical romance, nicki minaj, other things are others and others are others, paramore, percy jackson and the olympian's, power rangers (all of them), reading, sleeping, so how can there be others?, the twilight saga (hate's myself for it), trying to cook, twilight series (begrudenly), wither: the chemical garden trilogy, writing fanfiction
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